TV’s Fall Favorites are Back!

Taylor Reed, Staff Writer

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It’s officially Fall! That means our favorite shows are making reappearances along with a few new ones to add. Season eleven of the popular CBS show Criminal Minds started Wednesday, Septem- ber 30th. Sadly, rumor has it that a cast member with a major role is leaving the show.

Wednesday, October 7th marks the season pre- mieres for two shows. The FX series American Hor- ror Story starts its season 5, “Hotel.” Jessica Lange, a former star, has retired from the show leaving room for a new starring role for Lady GaGa. There are, however, many returning cast mem- bers like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Finn Wittrock. Spoiler alert: Ryan Murphy has said that characters “you have known from other sea- sons” may check-in. Also returning on the 7th is sea- son eleven of Supernatural. This hit CW show stars Jen- son Ackles and Jared Pada- lecki as brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. Sources say these brothers will once again unite for a common goal, and that there will be a lot of “downtime” giving it the same brotherly vibe from season one.

The Vampire Diaries is also making an appear- ance this month. It kicks off season 7 Thursday, October 8th. Starring Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilert and Ian somer- halder as Damon Salvatore, this CW show will have many flash-forwards and flashbacks in the upcoming season. Somerhalder says that his character will spend a lot of this season trying to drink away his sadness after the death of his co-star.

MTV’s hit show Find- ing Carter starts season three Tuesday, October 6th. The show’s season 2 finale left viewers questioning their existence. Zac Pullam, ac- tor behind Grant Wilson, re- leased some spoilers about this season. Zac said that we can expect to see more about his character and the new brother, Ben. An old friend will also surface again, but who will it be?

The Walking Dead sea- son six starts Sunday, Octo- ber 11. Starring Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee and Lauren- Cohan as Maggie Greene. Spoilers say that the power couple of the show, Maggie and Glenn, could see some difficulties in their future.

Lastly, FOX’s new show, Scream Queens kicks off its pilot Tuesday, Sep- tember 22. This new show is a horror comedy from the producers of American Hor- ror Story and Glee. It stars Emma Roberts, as Chanel Oberlin, Skyler Samuels, as Grace Gardner, and many others like Lea Michele, Ab- igail Breslin, and Nick Jonas. I hope everyone has a great Fall Break catching up on shows they may have missed!

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TV’s Fall Favorites are Back!