Byrd vs. Haughton

Mason Barr, Staff Writer

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The jackets came out with mighty ambition and stole the win from Haughton with a score of 42-17.

The C. E. Byrd Yellow Jackets might have suffered a minor setback against Parkway, but they only developed this it into
a major comeback for the rest of the season. The Haughton team appeared to play dirty and had quite a few personal fouls, but the Jackets did not let this affect them and they put them in their pace by asserting their dominance on the 3 yard line. After a quick touchdown, the Jackets never reliquished the lead. Mr. George and the Key club came out wearing their white button ups and ties to support Byrd. This filled the hive with tons of spirit that lasted the whole game.

Tray Allen had a amazing game and showed Shreveport why they chose him as the player of the week. After having a tough knee injury last year, he came back this year with a remarkable season thus far. The team came together as one and the defense locked up Haughton’s potent offense. After Haughton had a bad snap on a punt that flew over the top of the kickers head, the yellow jackets recovered it

After all the festivities, the Jackets improved to a 5-1 record and all are looking forward to the rest of the season!

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Byrd vs. Haughton