Running Over All Obstacles

Andrew Inabnet and Carter Toms

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As the 2015-2016 School year rolls on, cross country is poised to begin their run towards a championship. Lead down the trails by several upperclassman captains, this year, the C.E. Byrd Cross Country team has been doing a truly exceptional job. So far this year at each and every meet that the team has appeared in they have shown signs of dominance.

Allen England, a freshman standout, ran an extremely hard meet at Calvary a few weeks back finishing in third place just behind the eventual winner. This year the jackets have a great set of captains that really pull the team together to make them stronger. The captains for the team this year include: Kyra Montes, Jocelyn Walker, Carson Huckaby, and Matthew Atchison. When asked about the bond between his fellow teammates, Atchitson said, “My favorite part about cross country is growing close with my teammates, we grow to become more like a family than a team.”

Overall, the Byrd cross country team has been showing off their best talents at most every meet that they have par- ticipated in. When asked about his thoughts on the strength of the team, Team Captain, Carson Huckaby said “I honestly believe that we are an amazing team and we get closer and closer every- day with one another. I’m so thankful to be apart of such an amazing organization and appreciate all of the support we receive as a team.”

This coming up weekend, both th girls and boys teams will be par- ticipating in an event held by Manard high- school in Pineville, Louisiana. The event is one of the top-tier competitons held in Louisiana each year, and is a perfect opportunity for the teamsto set themsleves apart. Kaylee Toups, a senior on the team, said of this weekend, “I feel like this is a huge stepping stone for our young team. We are very talented and capable, but we haven’t reached our fullest potential.” Toups speaks of her role as a senior by saying, “A huge weight is on my shoulders as a leader of this squad. I am really the girl who leads by example not by word of mouth.”

The team leaders and many more show the true commitment and love that they have for the sport, including the love that they have for the team. We will most defi- nitely see a lot more of this team the rest of the year.

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Running Over All Obstacles